Make Your Dad Cooler for Father's Day

Posted June 16, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Sporadic yet long-time Yeti visitor, Stuart, sent me a link to a tutorial for photoshopping pictures to look like Lomo photography. It's pretty straightforward and quite simple if you know your way around Photoshop. So I figured I'd take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and doctor up some family photos for Father's day.

Here's my father having fun on the beach in Mexico. A rather typical backlit family photo.

My Dad at the beach having a good time(click image for larger version)

And now, after Lomographying the image, he looks super-cool and Fonzie-esque with his Vuarnets on.

My Dad at the beach having MORE fun
(click image for larger version)

What a difference. He's been transformed from mere family photo album material into... ok, slightly better family photo album material. But it's still cool.


Stuart Morris ~ June 16, 2006

Yes, well done

Stuart Morris ~ June 16, 2006

The similarities to Bullet-Tooth Tony are still uncanny.

jimmy ~ June 16, 2006

Jesus, Stu-bag. where have you been?

olivier blanchard ~ June 18, 2006

It's all starting to make sense now.

Susan ~ June 19, 2006

"The similarities to Bullet-Tooth Tony are still uncanny."

Agreed, who is by far the biggest bad ass to go by "Susan" in a movie, even if he only assumed the name for a second.

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