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Posted 16 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Great idea, real cool site, but it's just too much damn French pastry and not enough Krispy Kreme. There is no way to send an individual link, there is no way to easily copy and paste a 'man law', it's just too much. This is what happens when you take the Chuck Norris site(s) and throw $500,000 at it. The end product isn't better. (Man Law site via AP)

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TULLY ~ 15 years ago

MAN LAW #1: No Man will EVER tell another man " my ass hurts" * exception: Man A falls and busts his ass and Man B sees it *

Mike O'Brien ~ 15 years ago

Man Law
Man should never use a cushion {soft} toilet
seat. Always hard toilet seat.
Man Law

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

Man Law: Don't spend a half a million on superfluous Flash unless said "Flash" involves a woman.

Bobby ~ 16 years ago

Man Law...consume Coors Light and Bud Light before ever touching Miller Light.

Man Law...Mustache May should be Mustache 2006.

Evan Tishuk ~ 16 years ago

Man Law: Bobby is no longer allowed to make Man Laws that use the words "Bud" and "Light" next to each other.

redneck ~ 16 years ago

I second Man Law…consume Coors Light and Bud Light before ever touching Miller Light.

but would like to add never drink bud select

redneck ~ 16 years ago

Man Law...if a single man is hosting a party single woman should always out number single men 2 to 1. There should be no couples, with the exception of neighors.

Joe ~ 15 years ago

Man law
If man farts in locker room or bathroom its an automatic safty zone and can not be called doornob on

Terence ~ 15 years ago

Under no circumstances should two men ride on a motorcycle

drock ~ 16 years ago

man law....if you dont like a man, you cant wear the same stuff as him

dennis ~ 15 years ago

Man Law
Under no circumstances, despite knowing the opposite, shall a man ever admit to being wrong in regards to a trivia question.

chris ~ 15 years ago

man law
no man should ever live under a woman law

ALEX ~ 15 years ago

If you buy a round of beers for a man he owes you the next round

jarred ~ 13 years ago

shotgun rule is only in effect once said car has come to a complete stop!!!!!

Eric ~ 13 years ago

One must show heartfelt condolences for the death of his girlfriends cat, even if he was the one who set it on fire and hung it from the ceiling fan.

Visitor ~ 9 years ago

No man should ever mess with another man's woman!

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