Man v. Machine in search engine wars.

Posted 12 years ago by Evan Tishuk

That's it! Airbag links to a Business 2.0 article explaining "The Flickrization of Yahoo."

The article very smartly explains the fight between Yahoo and Google as the fight of man versus machine. That comparision is perfect in explaining why I long ago fell out of love with Google. Google has turned into a machine that launches new products (often times very good products mind you) at a scary pace but each new product is just another cog in the giant Google machine. There seems to be no human element to Google anymore. It is just Hal waiting to turn on its master. --ag


Evan Tishuk ~ 12 years ago

"Often very good products" indeed.

Or as posted on WebJillion yesterday, "their [small guys] business model was just blown out of the water. They just can’t compete with free, especially when free is so good."

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