2008 needs a design caddy

Posted 10 years ago by Evan Tishuk

I was looking for tee times on the 2008 Masters website and couldn't help but realize how poor the design is this year. Seriously, I don't like to disrespect other people's work, but this one is particularly hard to look at and unusually clunky. What saddens me more than the soreness of my eyes is that the user's experience takes a backseat to the big sponsors at almost every turn.

Try submitting a search for "tee times" and every result, has "Powered By IBM ExxonMobil att" in the excerpt. Aside from being useless noise, why be so lazy as to omit the commas between each name and the ampersand in AT&T? It's like they're playing a round of golf with just a pitching wedge. Sure you'll eventually make it through 18 holes, but it won't be pretty. IBM knows better. They're professionals who should have brought their A-game. They know how many people are going to be looking at this site. And they should be embarrassed to have their logo emblazoned across every page.

With that in mind, I want to offer up our services to act as design caddy for the Masters next year. I'd love the chance and challenge to design a new site that reflects the tradition and quality of the tournament, provides visitors with what they're looking for, and successfully promotes the sponsors.

For reservations, call office(800) 890-1702. Send fan mail to our work location at 101 N Main Street, Third Floor, Greenville, SC 29601 USA 34.850823 -82.398746
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