Posted April 27, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

I'm going to be in my 5th wedding this weekend. 5th! That's like 800$ worth of tuxedos, and God only knows how much in bachelor parties. Anyway, I'll be in the great city of Aiken for the weekend and hopefully a good story or two will come of the whole thing. Shalom.


jimmy ~ May 01, 2006

Highlight of the wedding: The groom's grandfather and grandmother (who are still married--a good sign). The grandfather, who went out with us to Hooters for a little pre-wedding bachelor shin'dig, said to the waitress when asked if he needed anything else, "Yeah, I could use a viagra." He was having the time of his life and we were in hysterics.

Subsequently, at the wedding reception, I danced with his wife (the groom's grandmother) for a bit. After the reception was over, she said to me: "I love your hips."

Proof positive, you can be old and have a long marriage and still have a fun and a sense of humor.

Evan Tishuk ~ May 01, 2006

My favorite part was standing motionless on the stage of a stadium-church...under the heat lamps in 3 layers of black tuxedo fabric...with a couple hundred people staring and secretly thanking God they're sitting down and not being scorched by radiation. That, and the 2 hours of photography that ensued (under the heat lamps).

This explains why the groomsmen received icecream makers as parting gifts

Evan Tishuk ~ May 01, 2006

Olivier: I don't think Patrick was shooting this one. If "he" did, Patrick wasn't there and I forgot to ask.

olivier ~ April 27, 2006

Is Patrick shooting it?

Tiffany ~ April 28, 2006

So, I know I'm slow and all. I know. But it really did take me a second to read that title and understand it. You'd think being a nanny to a kid with a heavy lisp (plus toddler speak...hard stuff to decipher) I'd get it.

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