Messy Car Contest

Posted 14 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Not for nothing, but I think I could win this.


olivier blanchard ~ 14 years ago

I don't mean to shatter dreams here, but I think I might have this one.

Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

Not only do I think I could beat you, I think I could get some type of lifetime achievement award.

olivier blanchard ~ 14 years ago

Trust me, if you beat me in this thing, you'll deserve some kind of Nobel prize or something.

Before you attempt this, I need to give you fair warning: I keep the Passat is relatively clean, but the Honda Passport (which you may not have seen yet) is a trashcan (in and out).

1) I haven't washed it in three years.
2) The bike on the roof rack has been on there for about two months.
3) You cannot see the floor or the seats. The pile of trash on the passenger seat may have an imprint of the right side of my body at this point.
4) The seats and floor have serious stains on them from bike chains, mud, the kids spilling ketchup and koolaid, dogs drooling, etc.
5) Contents of the car: receipts, gym bags, bike wheels, helmet, toolbox, collapsible chair, bike cleats, file folders, catalogs, junk mail, fast food wrappers, boxes, cups and bags, empty CD cases, my dry-cleaning, running shoes, sunglasses, basebal hats, kids' toys, etc.

I went by the site, and the cars entered so far, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that if the contest were to close today, I would win by a HUGE margin. No contest.

I've been waiting my whole life for this contest!!! Winning this thing is my destiny.

Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

Looking at those pictures was like a drunk looking at a video of himself acting foolish at a party. It was one of those moments of realization and it gave me some inspiration to clean up the car (a little bit) this weekend.

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