Microwaved water kills plants?

Posted April 17, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Can a real scientist in the audience please repeat this experiment? My favorite part is when she says, "although most scientists would dismiss the idea, it is possible that her thoughts toward each plant had an effect as well." I think I saw that "In Search of" episode too.


brylle ~ August 18, 2006

Check this site, they have corrected and replicated the same experiement

Evan Tishuk ~ August 18, 2006

Ahhh... suspicions confirmed:

The class concluded that the microwaved water had no influence on the plants, as all of the plants (except the 3 that died because of lack of water over the weekend) grew equally well, and there was no difference between the A and B plants. For the record, the container containing the microwaved water was A.

Thanks brylle.

Bobby ~ April 18, 2006

In ninth grade we had to do a project for the science fair and I had my typical reaction...not again. Science fair projects are terrible and always will be. Because I wanted to do the least amount of work as possible, here was the idea for my project:
Get some plants, water some with room temperature water, some with ice water and some with boiling water. Genius idea I know, but it met the classification for the project and I figured it would be easy.
I'm sure the little girl who did this project thought the same thing...what can I do that requires the least amount of work in order to write up a report. "I know, I can boil water and use it on plants!!!!!"
Regardless of the results, which I have no opinion on by the way, there are only a handful of people who ever took science fair projects seriously... and I'm sure Evan was one of them.
Science fair blows so bring on Bill Nye. By the way, how do you find these crappy things on the web?

nobrainer ~ April 18, 2006

I took the science fair seriously.

I commend the girl's attempt, but give her a ribbon only for participation.

She had a hypothesis, but didn't try to prove it directly, and then what she did do was done poorly -- small sample size, assuming the plants were "the same." Differing growth patterns don't demonstrate "that the structure or energy of the water may be compromised by microwave." And there's no control group.

If I have a moment, I'll get some more potting soil and try to set something up, because I've still got a bunch of seeds leftover.

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