Posted January 16, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

Well, just to see if I can get someone to comment on anything- Growing up in Virginia I never knew of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. We had a holiday but it was always Lee, Jackson, King Day. Lee was Robert E., Jackson was Stonewall, and King was Martin Luther. True story.


Adam ~ January 16, 2006

I'll give ya a comment -- Go Panthers!


Brian Bunton ~ January 16, 2006

Growing up where the "N word" was common and not considered a curse, I'm surprised I knew who King was.

South Carolina workers have the option of taking MLK Day or Confederate Memorial Day, right? I think that happened after I left.

Here at Duke, classes are out of session (which doesn't even happen for Independence Day). To make up for it, the semester starts a day early. It always leads to confusion because last Wednesday was actually a Monday.

olivier blanchard ~ January 18, 2006

There should be a Lafayette Day.

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