Mmmm... Bacon

Posted 14 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich and more can be found by looking over at the bacon group on Flickr.


Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

That reminds me of food item that was being kicked around at a Clemson tailgate last year. I think it was the brain child of Mike New and it is brilliant. Take the general concept of a corn dog but replace your normal hot dog with a brat and wrap said brat in a strip of bacon before you drop it in the batter and then the hot oil. If you can eat that and not die you get a badge.

Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

This is getting there, but not exactly right.

nobrainer ~ 14 years ago

While I like the idea, the implentation may be tricky. The dogs are usually precooked and just need a quick re-heating. Would it be ok to precook the brat & bacon before frying?

And could the juices be sufficiently contained with a wooden stick jabbed through the wonderful deliciousness that is the Johnsonville brat?

Evan Tishuk ~ 14 years ago

If they can get cheese into a brat, we can get a stick into one. I also think it won't matter too much because the grease from frying will likely get into the bratwurst anyway. Here's what I'd try:

  1. Jab stick in raw bratwurst.
  2. Sinch and seal off the outter skin where the stick has been inserted. Maybe even use cooking twine
  3. Grill lightly to make the brat's outter skin more taught and lightly browned
  4. Wrap with very thinly sliced bacon
  5. Cook on skillet with high heat but not too long -- leave the bacon a little limp
  6. Dip in peppered corn batter
  7. Deep fry (peanut oil?)
  8. Avoid death
Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

Agreed. There must be some pre-deep frying cooking done. Maybe if you pre-cook it in a skillet with butter it will make things healthier. I'm not a doctor but at some point there has to be so much fat in one item that things loop back around to healthy. That just makes sense.

Adam Gautsch ~ 14 years ago

All the problems have been solved. Pre-boil the brats in beer.

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