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Posted 13 years ago by Adam Gautsch

We are extremely proud of this project. It is very OrangeCoat in nature and everyone in the company was involved on some level.

Good job to all. And double thanks to the founder of Gnoso, Peter. He has already been wildly successful in business and we know why. He's great to work with and sharp as tack. I think you are going to see a lot of cool things coming out of the Gnoso camp over the next couple of years.

PS: You should sign up for Gnoso's RSS. You'll be happy you did.


dave ~ 13 years ago

Orange Coat has done it once again, but I can't help but notice how much content is under-the-fold.

Adam Gautsch ~ 13 years ago

We're pretty comfortable with people scrolling. The home page has got a big headline area for sure. But it says about everything we want it to, so what the heck.

Parcho ~ 13 years ago

It's clearly designed by you guys...and I like that about it. It's got the "Orange Coat" feel to it.

Nice work.

dave ~ 13 years ago

Why fix what isn't broken? Either/or, nice work guys. :D

Greg ~ 13 years ago

I really like the color scheme. Great job guys.

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