Multiple computers, One keyboard and mouse

Posted 14 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I've tried a couple of different programs with little success to share a single mouse and keyboard between my laptop and desktop at home. That is until I finally tried Synergy. Works like a damn charm and took five minutes to set up. Highly recommended. PS: Not mentioning Vista on the Synergy home page scared me away at first. But it works fine on Vista machines.


Nobrainer ~ 14 years ago

Ok, that looks pretty freaking sweet. I can't wait until I have some free time to try it out.

Mike Gowan ~ 14 years ago

I've been using this app for years (the interactive department at ep is always up on the latest geeky stuff). It's always been great. I especially love the fact that you can copy and paste text between the two computers. Also, being able to control the client system from across the room is cool. And it works between PCs and Macs.

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