Mushrooms will kill you.

Posted May 23, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

A little background to this link, Evan has taken up the hobby of mushroom foraging. I'm against this hobby mainly for the reason explained in this comic.


Evan Tishuk ~ May 23, 2007

You're just jealous I found my first edible mushroom on Friday! A Suillus Pictus. This is somewhat remarkable becuase they (1) only grow on the roots of eastern wine pine trees, (2) those aren't really common south of the Great Smoky Mountains and (3) they were found almost in Georgia at Earl's Ford

Keith ~ May 23, 2007

envisions Evan sliding down a rainbow on the back of a yeti Seriously, mushrooms?

Adam Gautsch ~ May 23, 2007

That's my point, shouldn't there be some fear if you find a very rare mushroom. It could turn out to be a very common mushroom of another type.

On a related note, OrangeCoat is now hiring a food taster.

Jim ~ May 23, 2007

I saw a guy on one of those survival shows eat a mushroom right out of the ground. Obviously he knew what he was doing...I'd never trust myself enough to do that.

One misidentification and it's game over.

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