Mustache May Mea Culpa

Posted May 18, 2006 by Adam Gautsch
Mustache May


Evan Tishuk ~ May 18, 2006

Transcript / translation of Bear's chicken scratch:

I am fully aware of how ridiculous this mustache looks. It is an embarassment to my family and myself. However, it is Mustache May.

Also, Bear, you need to post a real picture of this mustache so everyone can see how much you look like Goose.

nobrainer ~ May 19, 2006

Is that the orange blazer in the background? I'm still waiting for a picture.

olivier ~ May 19, 2006

Does it make you look French or... Belgian?

Adam Gautsch ~ May 19, 2006

"Does it make you look French or… Belgian?"

I look like the love child of Goose and a Mid '80's Larry Bird.

There will be pictures to come, maybe even with me in the Orange blazer.

Adam Gautsch ~ May 30, 2006

For nobrainer: me, none mustached, but wearing the orange coat Guess which one I am

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