Near human self-aware robots must be stopped

Posted 7 years ago by Adam Gautsch

I count the fact that I get quality self-aware robots must be stopped emails like the one below as my greatest accomplishment in life.

Robots will be in charge of the armed forces, our food supply and our medicine. And apparently be able to match our intellect - that says self aware to me. If the government is going to turn on us like this, it may be time to mobilize the insurgency - pro-human guerilla warfare is the only way.

Even worse, they're generating baby robots that can learn. Learn to be self aware. And in the meantime, convert the next generation of humans into their slaves.


PS - Based on my select usage of red flag keywords, this email is being scanned and read by government agents right now. I'm sorry to give you up like that. You and Josie may want to retire to your secret bunker for a while.


Lord ~ 7 years ago

Don't be silly Meg, your email isn't being read by government agents, that would take human workforce. Your email is totally being read by government thinking machines . . . oh, wait, that is entirely worse and to the point of the post.

Well just to be on the record. Screw you, you damn killbots! You and your killboting ways!

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