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Posted 9 years ago by Madeleine Muska

Heroes - Issac's eclipse painting - © Tim Sale - black ink
Bag Lunch Thursday makes a friend; the New Hero Tuesday

The third season of NBC's primetime Heroes starts up Monday, September 22nd at 9 p.m. If you have cable or really cool antennas/digi converters, feel free to watch it that night. OC, however, is promoting the web viewing of Heroes every Tuesday night on our big webvision screen*. Maybe we'll try some new Gyros in the venture, maybe we'll dress up as heroes, maybe we'll make gourmet hero sandwiches, or maybe we'll just sit and watch the show the internet way. We're open to suggestions, gourmet suggestions highly encouraged.

The criticized second season is promised to bounce back with the volume entitlement, Villains. How dark, mysterious, and sexy. Does the cheerleader go dark? Does Hiro begin to hate clocks? You have to come to OrangeCoat to find out! Another Heroes tidbit, you can purchase the second season for about $30 and can subscribe to the Heroes Magazine for about $7 per issue, which there are five of. With any Heroes purchase you also get a free, FREE Heroes calendar. In case the show isn't enough, there's plenty to drop dough on.

Every Tuesday night at 8:17pm find your seat at the conference table, bring popcorn to be popped, and prepare to enjoy the most recent episode of Heroes. All are welcome, except people who have seen it the night before and make comments like, "oh this part is funny" or "they totally fail" or "that's what she said."

*OrangeCoat holds all real and implied trademarks to the phrase "our big webvision screen."


dave ~ 9 years ago

Aw man Tuesdays at 9? I'm watching Fringe Tuesdays at 9.

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

Watching things the day they happen is so 1990's Dave. Fringe is on Hulu the next day too. Free yourself from set time viewing. That is unless you're watching Heroes at the the OC.

dave ~ 9 years ago

True, but watching it on a 52" plasma screen HD television is so 2008 and tempting.

dave ~ 9 years ago

Oh wait LOL I have DVR. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.

olivier blanchard ~ 9 years ago

Warning: New season spoilers ahead.

1. If a character didn't already have a parent/legacy plot line featured in the story, they will.
2. If a character THOUGHT they knew who their father/mother was, they will find out that their true parent is in fact someone else.
3. Every character is at the very least each other's half-sibling.
4. The Brundlefly plot sakes off its mothballs and makes an unwelcome reappearance, down to the friggin' wall crawling-I feel awesome-my sex drive is through the roof-oh wait, my skin is coming off in chunks cliches. Plagiarism isn't dead after all.
5. In the future, heroes all get face scars. Like pirates.
6. Still no capes.
7. Still no masks.
8. NBC writers cannot keep a show whole for more than two seasons. The plot "twists" are ridiculous.
9. Still no really interesting superpowers, like control over swarms of bees or silver surfing.
10. Number 8. It's worth mentioning twice.

Evan Tishuk ~ 9 years ago

I'm going to give this season the benefit of the doubt thus far.

I agree though, that I don't like where Mohinder Suresh's character is going. That whole maniacal scientist / sweaty-shirtless-athlete thing clashes with his previously academic persona. And the Latino gal with the eye-death... reminds me of the 1995 Christopher Walken film "The Prophecy." Speaking of which, Walken's character in that movie is Gabriel (the angel) and he comes to earth to harvest souls. Sound familiar?

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

Yep, the Mohinder character is going in bad directions but the season as whole seems pretty exciting.

Everyones pretty dark and mean and, in turn, fun.

dave ~ 9 years ago

I guess I'll fill the role of the guy who stands there with one hand in his pocket fiddling with his keys, other hand holding a cup of water smiling foolishly because he missed the show.

Keith Jones ~ 9 years ago

That the heroes are more or less villains seems cool in some ways, but with Mohinder it does seem forced. I'm guessing that Hiro becomes a villain down the road as well. It's still one of the best things to watch on network tv.

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