New Hero Tuesday's Second Coming

Posted 9 years ago by Madeleine Muska

The first New Hero Tuesday last week was quite successful. Sitting around an ominous black conference table forking a delicious pasta based dish with eggplant, zuccini and other great goodies was a perfect viewing experience of Heroes' premiere of the third season, Villains. With good food, good wine, good company and a big WebVision screen to enjoy the show, it was a really freaking fun time.

The show started off with running, a fight and then two bangs, Claire trying to shoot Peter and then Peter shooting Nathan. Everyone around the table seemed fairly animated and excited about the Second Coming. We found out Mama Petrelli's power, where the powers reside in the body, how extensive Claire's powers are, what Hiro did with Adam and so so much more about powers that no one we know has. The most excited talking occurred especially over the realization that there was a second episode.

If you missed last week's WebVision viewing, then watch it online and come into OrangeCoat for tomorrow night's showing of One of Us, One of Them. Viewing begins at 8:17 p.m. Food ideas begin now.

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