Nintendo Family Tree

Posted December 04, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

The name of the website is and just in case you didn't believe the name they are selling a t-shirt that is the Nintendo Family Tree.


CTown ~ December 04, 2006

I have the original Nintendo on which in the past I've really enjoyed playing Tecmo Super Bowl. However, now whenever I try playing a game, all I get is a colored screen. Does anybody now how I can fix my system?

Jim ~ December 04, 2006

The only solution to any and every problem for the original Nintendo that I know of is to take out the game cartridge and blow in both the console and inside the game itself. That always solved about 85% of all problems for me.

Bobby ~ December 05, 2006

CTown...just buy a Wii. For one is awesome and eventually you will be able to download all the old Nintendo, Sega, and N64 games. My brother bought the Sega classic, Altered Beast, for only 6 dollars. Since the system came out recently, only about 15 games are downloadable. "They" say that almost all old games will be available in the future. I'm sure Tecmo and Super Tecmo Bowl will be on the list. The Wii is only $250, which is definitely worth it.

Adam Gautsch ~ December 05, 2006

RE: Jim's comment

Jim ~ December 05, 2006

HAHA, definitely hadn't seen that shirt. Apparently my secret's out.

CTown ~ December 05, 2006

That's good to know Bobby. How are the new games? Does it have NCAA football?

Bear, I thought of that t-shirt as I was typing my post. I tried to think of something witty to type about me blowing my nintendo, but I'm not witty.

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