Posted April 02, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

This was playing a little while ago at OC's World HQ in honor of us changing from an LLC to an S Corp. Also, a little known fact (at least to us) Fergie from the Black Eye Peas is one of the kids.


Alan ~ April 03, 2007

I don't know if you watch 24, but the guy who plays Milo, one of the computer people on it, was also one of the kids on Kids, Inc.

It's funny that you posted this, because when my sister was here a couple of weeks ago she started humming the tune, we looked it up on YouTube, and were blown away to see Stacy Ferguson as one of the actors. That led to some Wikipedia action, where we found the Milo connection. Isn't the internet great at providing us all with useless knowledge?

Oh, and congrats on incorporating!

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