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Posted February 15, 2008 by Adam Gautsch

Don't forget we are tumble blogging today.


linkerjpatrick ~ February 15, 2008

As a fellow but friendly competitor in the Greenville market I am glad to see a company dedicated to putting time on your schedule to make things better. Not only are you improving your image but you honing your skills at the same time.

No one should ever hear the "cobbler's children have no shoes" excuse. We are also in the process of refining and continually polishing our brand.

I'm glad I live in a community like Greenville,SC with fellow workers who are committed to excellence.

Lord ~ February 15, 2008

Fredrick Douglas had crazy eyes

dave ~ February 15, 2008

Any news on the crazy Eqqus drawings?

Evan Tishuk ~ February 15, 2008

@linkerjpatrick: We're also glad to be in Greenville. Friendly folks like you help make it a great place to live and work.

@dave: No news on the horse drawings. There was a return address, but I didn't recognize it and I haven't looked for the address in person yet. If we get another drawing, it will be posted online and a full investigation will be launched.

Susan ~ February 16, 2008

I"m pretty sure Samuel Jackson is a direct descendant of Frederick Douglass.

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