Occupation Inspired Names

Posted 5 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Last night there was a discussion about people who name their children names inspired by their profession. This can be as broad as Roger Clemens having each of his kids name start with a 'K' to as spot on as a lawyer naming her child Sue. Thanks to Josie waking me up at 2am last night I've had some time to consider this further. I've come up with some for the people in the discussion last night.

The easy ones:

  • Meg is a bioinformaticist so her child could clearly be named Gene or Jean.
  • Kristin is a grant administrator so obviously the child's name is Grant.

A bit more difficult:

  • Jim is a programmer. The easiest name would be Ruby, but that's not his language. Maybe something like Andrew Ray Ciallella and call me A. Ray for short. But that's a stretch. The most likely name for Jim's child would be #rt@!Xvz~00o!^p. And that would change every 30 days.
  • Mad is an email and content creator. Tough for several different reason, but, in a pinch, I'd go with Wright.

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