Oil v. There Will Be Blood

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

How the book "Oil" compares with the movie "There Will Be Blood". Or, why I will never read Oil.


Lord ~ 9 years ago

The only Upton Sinclair book i've ever read was his classic "The Jungle" which, while fascinating in a lot of respects, was a really god damn difficult book to read. I think part of the problem with Sinclair is that he was writing for a specific audience in a specific time period and can be hard to know the relevance today. Still at the same time this makes his work particualarly interesting in a historic sense. I read "The Jungle" for US history in high school and really felt like I was understanding the social mentality of the day and age. I have a feeling "Oil" is quite similar to "The Jungle"which means it is probably an interesting piece of historical literature but in no way something that we are all going to be wanting to run out and read anytime soon.

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