On Patrice O'Neal

Posted 6 years ago by Adam Gautsch

As you might have heard, comedian Patrice O'Neal died a couple of days ago. If you know him, it's probably because of his time on Tough Crowd or, more recently, the Charlie Sheen Roast. His hour stand up special is on Netflix Watch Instantly. It's worth your time. His tempo and delivery is unique to him and it might take some time for your brain to sync to his rhythm, but it's worth the wait.

When I first watched the special I wondered why he didn't ever attempt a more traditional delivery. His jokes and ideas were unique and strong enough that putting them into a more mainstream delivery might be enough to make him huge. Then I listen to his interviews with Marc Maron and Jay Mohr and realized it was impossible for him to change his style in hopes of greater success. Both interviews are worth your time, but if you're going to listen to one, make it Maron's. Maron listens and pushes back and draws out some interesting things. And, of course, watch Patrice's stand up special.

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