Optimized Kitchen: Using Cooking to Explain SEO

Posted 8 years ago by Madeleine Muska

Randfish at SEOmoz.org tells a really great tale of the connection of cooking and SEO with some delicious photos in his article, "Cooking Up Great SEO: An Analogy in Photos." The way he uses creating a mouth watering goat and pasta dish to exemplify the intricacies of creating great SEO, is really quite fabulous. He backs up his analogy with the following connections:

A. Cooking : Cooking Strategy :: SEO : Site Architecture
B. Cooking : Ingredients :: SEO : Keywords
C. Cooking : Technique :: SEO : Technique

Don't let the above SAT breakdown diminish the quality of the article. He starts off with the basics; site architecture, keywords etc, and then gets down to the more complicated and abstract points. In the end, the article will give you a couple pointers about cutting onions in addition to setting you up with some great resources on successfully using SEO.

The highlight of this article: a video of average guy, Rich Eissen, running down a football field superimposed against Clemson athlete, Jacoby Ford.

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