OrangeCoat's Seats at the Georgia Dome for the Clemson v. 'Bama Game

Posted 9 years ago by Evan Tishuk

My Seats at the Clemson Alabams Game 2008

Thanks to Paivi and her magical powers for my ticket. Jim, Bear, sorry suckers!


Jim F. ~ 9 years ago

Wow, mighty fine seats you got there Evan. The good thing about the GA Dome is that there's really not a terrible seat in the house. I sat in the upper endzone (probably in the section 331 vicinity) for the Peach Bowl vs. Tennessee and we had a decent view.

I'll be watching this one from the living room (hopefully in stunning HD).

Evan ~ 9 years ago

If you go to this website you can get a 3D view of each section. I'm so excited now.

Jim Ciallella ~ 9 years ago

Correction, Jim will be located in Sec 126, Row 12

Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

I wasn't far enough away from that stinker.

Evan ~ 9 years ago

Clemson should offer a PhD in "Expectation Management"

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