Origin of Orange

Posted September 19, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

It all started with the fruit itself. The original ancient Indian Sanskrit name of the tree was nāraṅgaḥ. Indians and Arabs traded with each other and so the word passed into Arabic as naranjah. For a time, Spain was ruled by Arabic-speaking north African Moors who passed the fruit and its name into Spain as naranja (pronounced nar-AHN-ha).

Eventually, this fruit came to be known by the English who called it a naranj. Words ending with the letter 'j' are rare in the English language, so the spelling changed to narange.

Over time, "a narange" became "an arange." Then, in the 14th century, ARANGE, not to be confused with ARRANGE, was transformed into ORANGE (several years later Aluminum became Aloo-MINI-yum).

And that's, in part, how we have both the Orange Yeti and OrangeCoat. (primary source: KryssTal)

Post Script

According to Wikipedia, there are actually two words that rhyme with ORANGE: Blorenge (a mountain in Wales) and Gorringe (a surname).

Wait... Nice try, but surnames don't count in my book. How about I change my last name to "Zorange?" Does that count as a rhyme too?! As they might say in Wales atop Blorenge hill, "That's bollocks!" And since the Welsh don't really speak English, I'm calling bullshit on Blorenge too.


Zezima ~ October 29, 2007

Door hinge...heheh...very funny.....

W S Rampersad ~ December 02, 2007

Syringe rhymes with orange. So does range, strange and arrange.

Quiver rhymes with silver. So does shiver, liver and fever!!!

Do you agree or disagree with me????

Mike Gowan ~ September 19, 2006

Heh... I thought it was a Clemson thing.

olivier blanchard ~ September 20, 2006

"Strange" kind of works. So does "falange" or "flange," if you're talking to a southern engineer. The French "grange" is the closest, phonetically.

Silver. Sliver. Liver. Diver. Driver.

Kat ~ August 21, 2007

What about door hinge (say it aloud).

Maggie ~ June 01, 2008

I saw that on drake and josh..the door hinge thing...it kind of works but it's two words..does that count???

REACHEL BUTTFACE ~ June 01, 2008


Visitor ~ April 16, 2009


hobo ~ January 26, 2009

you never know life is a confusing place help!!!!!!!!

hobo ~ January 26, 2009

what the fuck

tan ~ April 16, 2009


alex ~ April 21, 2009

you all suck
nothing rhymes with silver OR orange
door hinge sounds like it does
but technically something that rhymes with another word usually has to be just one word not two
Spain --> Plain
Car --> Far

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