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Posted 16 years ago by Adam Gautsch

This is not to say we don't have a target market. In fact, most of the first year and half of OrangeCoat was spent figuring out what type of client we work best with and what type of client we should target. Nonetheless, our target isn't a particular market segment, instead our target is a client with a certain philosophy.

We are looking for people, companies and organizations that understand and respect the web and want to use the web to further their defined goals. For us, it's the philosophy of the company or organization that matters much more than the product or service they are selling.

I'm going to be writing more about this for OrangeCoat 3.0 but I figured I'd drop the major theme on the Yeti first.


jimmy ~ 16 years ago

That is similar to Cisco's sales strategy. Cisco isn't looking for customers, we are looking for partners. We don't want to "sell" you anything. We feel that we are doing a diservice if we are. We are looking for a partnership where we can enable your business to be more productive, more competitive, more efficient, or increase you market share.

You should be looking for customer's who have a similar company mission statement. Because in this world, building those relationships and having a similar outlook to the future will get you further than just trying to be a "niche" player

Zack ~ 16 years ago

So true. So true.

olivier ~ 16 years ago


Drew ~ 16 years ago

ValueTech has clients that run the gammut from waste management to web designers (wait - those can be similar?) Just kidding.

Anyway, I like that you point out that the whole "niche market" buzzword thing can be a company killer. Having narrowly defined target markets based on product attributes or other things can really limit creativity.

There's a company in Greenville that focuses only on real estate, an example you used. All of their sites end up looking the same because they are too narrowly focused. I like that you do a wide variety of sites.

Drew Nichols

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