Pat Conroy and the Citadel

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Ever since writing "The Lords of Discipline" Pat Conroy and his alma mater, the Citadel, have not been on good terms. In fact, the story I've always heard (it was not repeated in the article) is the Citadel owns 51% of your class ring and they took it back from Conroy after publishing the book.

As the New York Times explains, thanks to a little time, a push from Conroy's father, and a cousin coaching the basketball team Conroy and the Citadel are back on pretty good terms. Good for them.

"Certainly a mellowing has gone on," Conroy said. "What is sillier than a 60-year-old man feuding with his college?"

UPDATE: ESPN goes into even more detail on the whole story.

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