Pecha Kucha - Nature designs man, man designs nature

Posted July 01, 2009 by Jim Ciallella

Excellent Pecha Kucha video from Aaron and Susan "Nature designs man, man designs nature." Watch it


Jim Ciallella ~ July 01, 2009

Man has designed a world increasingly focused on the short-term. It's catching up to us in a lot of ways. We don't need to go back to the Stone Age, but we do need to find a balance with nature. Ride it until until the wheels fall off should not apply to our planet.

It's taken the last few hundred years (+/-) to really start screwing things up. Fortunately, we've gained a much better understanding in the process. Technology will magnify the impact and speed of our actions. The internet will accelerate the spread of ideas and action. However, these aren't excuses to push everything off until later.

Enlightened thinkers need to show current and future generations the value of solving tomorrow's problems, today, using nature's balance as the guide. Otherwise, nature will design it's own re-balancing acts.

The future is coming. Design for it.

Step 1 - Spread the word. Share this video.

Susan Sebotnick ~ July 08, 2009

Thanks for the post Jim. And thanks for sharing the message.

A & S

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