People, You're Killing Me

Posted May 02, 2006 by Adam Gautsch

Several people answered this call and I thank everyone that did and continues to do so. I would like to offer one piece of advice to anyone who contacts us though-- provide samples of your work. You don't have to ask us if we'd like to see samples-- the answer is yes, it will always be yes. We are looking for people who can design and code and we aren't going to offer you a project if we don't think you can do the job and the only way we can know if you can do the job is if you show us some examples of your work. (Yes, I know how bad of a run-on sentence that is)

Thanks again to everyone who has sent us an email and please, continue to do so and don't forget those links. --Bear


Jim Ciallella ~ May 06, 2006

You're killing me, Smalls. Jimmy C will be sure to provide samples of his past OrangeCoat work when submitting for more OrangeCoat work.

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