Rick Harris ~ Code Cook - Emeritus

A Clemson Computer Scientist, Rick joined the Coat out of college. Rick wrote beautiful HTML, CSS, and Javascript code for OrangeCoat as well as dipping his toe into the deep end of the PHP, Drupal and MySQL database pool.

Education / Career Background: He traveled far, far away from my home of Simpsonville to go to Clemson University, where he earned a BS in Computer Science and got involved in the web site black market. OrangeCoat made a legitimate coder out of him.
Early Life: Born in Durham, NC and raised (mostly) in Simpsonville, SC.
Random Personal Facts:
  • I have more facial hair than most people I know, and I trim it less often than most people I know
  • I enjoy shoes and own many pairs
  • I have driven non-stop across the entire state of Kansas
  • In a former life, I played in a band called the dirt and the flood

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