Posted 12 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Well wisher: Hey, didn't I see you wearing a tie this morning? What, did you have a big sales meeting?

Me: No, that wasn't me. I'd only wear a tie to sales meeting if I was trying to sell the Pope a website.

Lucky for me his site is under construction. So I've still got a chance.


olivier blanchard ~ 12 years ago

By far the most realistic Russian accent ever to have blessed the silver screen.

olivier blanchard ~ 12 years ago

Damn. I commented on the wrong piost again.

Oh to be me!!!!!

Evan Tishuk ~ 12 years ago

Our fault... the blockquote thing made the last two posts look like the same one... don't sweat it. I'll try and fix that styling mishap somehow.

olivier blanchard ~ 12 years ago

Strangely, my Russian accent (piost instead of post) was completely accidental, proving once and for all that bad accents are indeed contagious.

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