Putting On the Hater's Cap for Gowalla

Posted 7 years ago by Rick Harris

There's something I really need to get off my chest. The only thing in this world I care less about than your Gowalla check-in is the ridiculous prize that you probably just picked up from your latest Gowalla check-in. Whew. That feels good. Now that that's done, I'll try to keep the hating to a minimum.

I only recently joined Twitter after a long-standing hatred of it that I'm still not completely over. I currently follow a whopping 13 people, choosing not to follow even a large chunk of people with whom I'm friends in my life outside of Twitter.  Because of this, I rarely suffer from TOS (Twitter Overload Syndrome), but the Gowalla updates sometimes push me to the edge.

I realize that it's unreasonable to ask people to not connect their Gowalla account to their Twitter account. But here's the thing: if I follow you on Twitter, it's because mostly, I really like following you on Twitter. You mostly have interest things to say. I just honestly don't care to know that you're at the grocery store, or that you just walked into the Subway down the street. And I don't want that to stop me from following you.

So, I would like to propose a location-based guideline: Only use a check-in as an attachment to an otherwise independent tweet. Don't just announce your arrival somewhere. While I'm making proposals, how about one for Twitter itself? Twitter, please let us filter out tweets based on what application they come from. It's already a feature that makes all of us Facebook-users and Farmville-haters real happy.

Gowalla users, how did I even get to such a high position in your life that I deserve to know where you are at all times in the first place?

You can, of course, follow me on twitter (@iamrickharris) if you so choose. There won't be any Gowalla updates.


Daniel McCord ~ 7 years ago

Hear Here!

Stephen Harvey ~ 7 years ago

We are going to see a lot more of location based social networking services, especially when retailers begin to see the value in it by having the ability to drive faces into their establishments by using the location based services. With that said, I fully agree that if you are going to "check-in" with where you are, then please type some kind of relevant note with the location update. It only makes since!

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