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Posted 15 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Does anyone still use MeetUp? Seems like technology has passed them by but I could be wrong.


nobrainer ~ 15 years ago

What is it?

Adam Gautsch ~ 15 years ago


olivier blanchard ~ 15 years ago

Is it like, a support group for people who have more friends on MySpace than in the real world?

I like their name-tag logo though.

Evan Tishuk ~ 15 years ago

It was an early-ish project done by the web 2.0 pied pipers, 37 signals. It's a way for people to organize real-world meetings via the web, and find groups that they identify with. Kinda like a cross beetween MySpace, LinkedIn and Craigslist, minus the now traditional social networking hallmarks.

olivier blanchard ~ 15 years ago

You mean like kindred spirits? :D

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