Rising Roll's Pleasant Surprise Food Visit

Posted 9 years ago by Madeleine Muska

OrangeCoat got a visit today by new to Greenville sandwich catering establishment, Rising Roll (located downtown next to the Mast General Store) with a free lunch in hand. The free Box Lunch consisted of a half Chicken & Apples, a half Club Turkey, a side of Red Skin Potato Salad, a cookie, Snickers mini, Andes mint, and a Rising Roll mint. As a whole package it was a little overwhelming at first but proved to be a rather perfect combination of food items.

Now, privy to OrangeCoat's recent discussion on favorite sandwiches in downtown Greenville, Rising Roll does have a lot to offer. Offering 6 different salad options and then over 40 sandwiches there's a lot to try and a high probability of there being a favorite. Having only tried two of the sandwiches it is difficult to rate the establishment's sandwich producing quality but based on the two I did taste, if it weren't for the catering and online ordering it wouldn't be worth the price. The sandwiches were at a Paris Cafe price but at a Atlanta Bread Company quality.

Originally, I was pretty excited about the Chicken & Apples (chicken salad, bleu cheese dressing, smoked bacon and Granny Smith apples) because Granny Smith apples on sandwiches usually excite me with their crisp tart influence. However, I quickly realized that I generally don't like chicken salad. I rarely enjoy mayonnaise especially on my sandwiches. If mayonnaise is used on a sandwich it probably should be replaced with cheese or more cheese. Perhaps sliced chicken or chicken strips with the bleu cheese would have been better. The other problem with the sandwich was that it was incredibly messy. There were droplets of mayonnaise all over the plastic container I was eating over, including the other half sandwich. The bacon, on the other hand, was a very good touch. A sandwich really can't go wrong with bacon and Granny Smith apples, but the creamy nature of the chicken salad had an overbearing effect on the whole sandwich making it a little too heavy for my liking.

The Club Turkey (sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato) was a step above the Chicken & Apples with its lighter nature. The sandwiches also came with small packets of Golden's mustard and Hellman's mayonnaise. As a big advocate for mustard, it really made the sandwich. It was a very good version of the classic sandwich but I wouldn't pay the $7.29 for it. I would, however, pay the $7.29 to be able to order it online and then it be delivered to my office with a side and a pickle.

The Red Potato Salad was very delicious. As opposed to the Chicken & Apples it had just the right amount of creaminess with a good amount of onion making it very enjoyable. The cookie was also very good. It was a little harder/drier than I prefer but the taste was splendid and by far one of the better cookies I've tasted. The cookie and Snickers mini were the perfect finish to the lunch tying the whole meal together.

Overall, Rising Roll is a perfect lunch on a busy schedule. It's not so over-the-top good that you feel you need to take the time away from your day to fully enjoy. In addition, it takes five minutes to order and then later it will appear at your door. Would I order from them on my own? Only on a rare occasion because I am never too busy for an over-the-top good sandwich.

OrangeCoat would like to thank Rising Roll for thinking of us and stopping by with a hand full of food. It's not often that that happens and we very much appreciate your marketing style.

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