Robot Calligrapher

Posted 10 years ago by Adam Gautsch

The robot handwriting is on the wall. PS: I make no apologies for the bad pun. This is war people and sometimes in war bad puns happen. (via Airbag)


olivier blanchard ~ 10 years ago

Yeah, but I still want a robotic cleaning lady.

Susan ~ 10 years ago

On the plus side, wedding invitations will be much less expensive in the future, and if they combine with voice recognition, we could dictate notes to our roommates:

olivier blanchard ~ 10 years ago

I want a pocket-sized version of this that I can mount to my dasboard. (It's hard to text, drink coffee, tune my system, read Mother Jones, and drive all at the same time. This could help with the texting, at least.)

Can it do tattoos?

Lord ~ 10 years ago

Hey I know a machine that can do that too, it's called typing something in Word and printing it out. I'm pretty sure if that font isn't already on word you can download it. This robot does not worry me because I think it is lame and stupid

Jim F. ~ 10 years ago

The calligraphy is just a diversion. While the masses are busy watching the robots write, others are in the beginning stages of learning mind control...

olivier blanchard ~ 10 years ago

Could we get nanobots to colonize comatose patients' brains and get them to write new episodes of Heroes and Lost before the Hollywood strike really affects my TV watching? That would probably be good.

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