Robots beating us in games is step one in robots simply beating us.

Posted 7 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Willow Garage should not brag or be praised for teaching a robot to play pool. Robots playing games is the first step to robot domination.

Thanks to @abowman5000 and Andrew Price for helping to inform the world that Self-aware robots must be stopped!

Oh, and while we're on the subject.

Self-aware Jeopardy! playing robots most certainly need to be stopped. Thank the Lord for keeping us up to date on this piece of news.


Daniel ~ 7 years ago

For some reason they didn't see the need to brag about teaching that robot to narrate the video.

Lord ~ 7 years ago

I mean seriously, you get one of the creepy Japanese fembots playing pool, answering complex questions, and looking all human like and you are just a hop, skip and a jump from full blown Blade Runner Replicants. And mybe folks have forgotten the premise of that classic Harrison Ford film, but the robots go uber-crazy and all homocidal and Mr. Ford has to lay down the law by kicking some android ass.

Listen, full respects to the blade runner profession but I'd much prefer a world where we don't have to ask ourselves, is that another person or a cold emotionless replicant? The doubt would liekly drive us all crazy.

Daniel ~ 7 years ago

I think you missed the point of Blade Runner.

Then again, you might just be a replicant.

Lord ~ 7 years ago

Oh I doubt I missed any point of that film or the book it is based off of.

But yeah, you can trust anybody when they could possibly be replicants.

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