Ron Cherry is not cool

Posted 10 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Evan's post on football replays is getting a bunch of Google hits for "ron cherry referee". Cherry has become an internet celebrity thanks to his 'giving him the business' video. We will not link to that video or any other Ron Cherry video. Ron Cherry is not funny, he is not cool, he is instead a terrible, terrible referee. The only good thing to come of his new stardom is people now might pay more attention to his games and see his terrible-ness in its full glory. [/rant]


Jim F. ~ 10 years ago

Ron Cherry is, without a doubt, guilty of giving numerous college football teams "the bid-ness."

Flying-tiger ~ 9 years ago

Ron Cherry and his crew officiated the 2009 BCS Championship game.

Visitor ~ 8 years ago

Where can people go to complain about this referee? He clearly let several calls go or made bogus calls - example in the Clemson game when the Virginia palyer's knee was clearly down and Ron Cherry was approx. 15 feet away looking at the play from the best position possible? I cringe every time he is a referee in a Clemson game because I know he is going to try to screw Clemson if possible. I sure hope he is not the referee for the ACC Chmpionship game. I can't believe he grades out that high when they review his games!

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