Sailor's Delight

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Orange office sky


olivier Blanchard ~ 9 years ago

Is the sky Clemson orange?

linkerjpatrick ~ 9 years ago

The sky was fantastic last night! As soon as I noticed to colors through my window I went outside. I was able to capture this rainbow.

Great that you could get an "orange" sky in your window!

Lord ~ 9 years ago

according to Martha the yellow orangish is color the sky often appears before tornado sightings

Bear ~ 9 years ago

I was always told 'red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in morning sailors take warning.'

Though the sky is more OrangeCoat orange than red, I still felt that it was a good sign of weather not a bad sign.

Considering today is slap damn perfect, I think the rhyme works.

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