Science as Art

Posted 8 years ago by Roxy Koranda is now live to the world, showcasing Clemson University's annual competition that celebrates the aesthetic beauty of scientific imagery. Although the project presented a few challenges, we're pretty excited about the results.

The main challenge we faced was to create a site that places emphasis on the art, not the site design—the site itself simply serves as a clean canvas on which the artwork can be displayed. White space and neutral grays maximize the visual impact of the submissions. A kaleidoscope of color draws attention to key areas, but they are employed sparingly as to not compete with the artwork.

Inspired by historical topographical maps, the covers of How and Why Wonder Books, vintage dissection graphics, rulers, beakers, and graduated cylinders, we decided to give the site a few subtle hints of personality. We created a navigation system that resembles a ruler, which reinforces the grid layout and supports the scientific theme. For the site's art gallery, Leonardo Fibonacci was our inspiration. Fibonacci was a mathematician whose work is utilized and enjoyed by painters, engineers, mathematicians, architects, web designers, pinecones, and the winners selected by the Science as Art judges.

Now what would happen if OrangeCoat was in charge of the judging? Here's our favorites:

And if a man on fire holding a chainsaw wasn't enough to get you to feel the spirit of science, try listening to this.


Kevin Dees ~ 8 years ago

Really nice work guys. I love like the main navigation and simplicity of the whole design. Very well though out. Nice work with the grid and hidden content areas.

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