Secret to Happiness?

Posted January 09, 2007 by Evan Tishuk

Some interesting discussion about why the people of Denmark are so happy. “If you’re a big guy, you expect to be on the top all the time and you’re disappointed when things don’t go well. But when you’re down at the bottom like us, you hang on, you don’t expect much, and once in a while you win, and it’s that much better.” Thus the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Kentucky Wildcats are extremely happy this year. My highschool math teacher had an inspirational poster that read, "never settle for less than your best." She wasn't a very happy person.


Adam Gautsch ~ January 10, 2007

Paul O'Neil was consistently one of the most miserable human beings in the world. Evan always said it was because he never settled for less than his best. I always thought it was because he was (and still is) a complete jackass.

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