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Posted December 11, 2007 by Adam Gautsch

For those of you that don't like RSS readers and would prefer more emails. Seems strange to me too but the feature was requested last night at dinner so to Google I went.


Lord ~ December 11, 2007

It seems kind of silly considering that the most of the popular email applications like google and yahoo require you to create a profile which generally gives you access to an RSS reader anyways. Also you can add feeds right to IE or Firefox. I guess I am just kind of confused why you'd want this unless you are really just a one stop shopping kind of person. "only email for me!"

anomalous4 ~ October 15, 2008

I love this! I use gmail via the Apple Mail standalone app. Most sites that have feeds show the entire post, and I don't have to open Firefox (which - like every other browser - runs slow on my ancient computer) unless there's something I really, REALLY want to see more of. I have a separate gmail account for my feeds, so they don't clutter up my regular inbox. Six stars out of five!

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