Seven species of robots that must be stopped

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Dear TED,

Here's an idea worth spreading-- self-aware robots must be stopped.



Lord ~ 8 years ago

I am wondering if Dennis Hong might not be a robot sent back in time from the future to orchestrate the great robot revolution. I mean it is all Terminator-like. Mr. Hong suddenly materialized from a ball of lightning, but instead of hunting down kids and their mothers he started up a tech company specializing in robotics.

Damn robots with their time travel and evil intentions and such.

Adam Gautsch ~ 8 years ago


Your logic is flawless. Mr. Hong clearly is a future robot and, in turn, he must be stopped and soon. After all, future robots are twice as dangerous as present day robots. This is the third law of self-aware robots must be stopped.

Lord ~ 8 years ago

The future robots law of self aware robots must be stopped clearly explains Isaac Asimov then. There must be an insideous robot prerogative that makes them desire to go back in time and make lasser robots appear "good" and "fun."

Those bastards.

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