Should blogs advertise?

Posted January 27, 2006 by Evan Tishuk

Anna "Theannalog" North at Newsvine (#) asks a question I've asked myself several times: Should blogs advertise? A low-flame conversation follows. I also frequently question when blogs sprinkle advertisments within the content. To me it runs counter to the spirit of blogging.


Adam Gautsch ~ January 27, 2006

Bad advertising sucks- good advertising doesn't. Doesn't matter if it is on a blog or being pullled behind a plane. So if your blog can do advertising well, then why not?

Brandon ~ January 27, 2006

Are you more concerned with BUYING ads for your blog or SELLING ads? Either way I don't feel that ads in and of themselves are wrong in blogs. However if they are very obtrusive and result in annoying your audience then something should be done.

Personally I don't really see that much advantage in buying ads for you blog. There are plenty of better and cheaper ways to get readers. Plus your content should speak for itself.

On the contrary, I think that selling ads can infact bring some monetary support to your site. This income can help in hosting/designing costs and (in some extreme cases) provide a nice little living.

Regardless, content should be the focus and determining factor of a blog's worth. I'll read a blog with or without ads as long as I enjoy the posts.

Adam Gautsch ~ January 27, 2006

On the surface, the idea of advertising your personal blog seems terribly dumb. However, if your personal blog is actually making you money, if your Dooce for example, then it makes sense to me. It is just like advertising any other product.

But if you are advertising your personal blog just to get more people to read it and not for increased ad revenue then get help. Join a club, buy a hooker, something.

Of course, if you are a business blog, advertising your blog makes sense and advertising on your blog is a good idea if done right.

olivier ~ January 27, 2006

What Bear said.

Evan Tishuk ~ January 28, 2006

"I’ll read a blog with or without ads as long as I enjoy the posts."

Me too, but I still see the ads as a low-level interuption that I wish were not there. I liken blogs to books and essays. Imagine going to the library and having to endure banners and adwords in the middle of every other page.

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