SI Tailgate Awards

Posted January 07, 2008 by Adam Gautsch

SI tailgate award winner for setting

Winner: Clemson. Tailgates directly on campus always seemed to have a leg up in this category. When a campus is placed on the slopes of Appalachian hills, it's going to be hard to beat. At Clemson, all lots are small enough to be intimate, but most provide enough space for kids to toss footballs to each other. Plus, no matter where you find yourself, you're never far from Death Valley

And runner up for eye candy

Runner Up: Clemson. Generally falling on the Georgia side of the above argument, Clemson girls are classy, cute and way into football. That's not a bad combo.


Evan Tishuk ~ January 07, 2008

Though I'd like to believe this, the author also gave Georgia Tech a runner up for "eye candy." Obviously, his scoring systems are broken.

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