"Simple things should stay simple"

Posted January 31, 2007 by Evan Tishuk

I think I'm going to buy me some Enso. Anyone have some good word of mouth for me? Could Enso turn my PC into a productivity machine that makes Mac loyalists drool?


Swamp Fox ~ January 31, 2007


I like the idea of keeping simple things simple.

Do I perceive this enough of a problem to pay the $65 they want for their two products and then learn how to use them.

Not now.

olivier ~ January 31, 2007

I don't know about word of mouth, but I can hook you up with some kindred spirits. That's something. kinduv.

Mike Gowan ~ January 31, 2007

Looks like some neat software. Beyond the Enso 'Humanizing' marketese, it's simply 'type some letters to get me what I need quickly'. I achieve the same thing with Quicksilver on OS X, and Launchy on the PC. Whatever the platform, these tools show that a transparent experience is what power users really want. The internet is the new frontier of computing anyway, so I say let the computer simply become a window that takes me there.

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