Site Launch: AthleteFocus 2

Posted 9 years ago by Adam Gautsch

We quietly launched the second version of AthleteFocus a week ago today. In that time over 100 new people have registered. If you haven't registered for AthleteFocus before and enjoy any of these action and endurance sports you should sign up. We're really proud of the new design and the code that runs the site. I think it's a giant leap forward for AthleteFocus and really shows off OrangeCoat's complete skill set. Good job team and good job Graham.


Adam Gautsch ~ 9 years ago

100 was a little bit of underestimation. It's actually over 300

Evan Tishuk ~ 9 years ago

Only 24 million to go!

dave ~ 9 years ago

Just curious, are you guys using OpenSocial or straight Drupal for the socialized backend?

Evan Tishuk ~ 9 years ago

Straight, highly customized, Drupal.

dave ~ 9 years ago

Most awesome.

And since I'm now noticing it, when you reply directly to a comment in Safari (XP) the form areas aren't contained to the Reply div. Thought you should know that.

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