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Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch

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How often would you visit the doctor if it required a three day canoe ride down the Mississippi River?

Many who live in the small villages along the Amazon River face a more treterous journey every time they visit a doctor. Land travel is virtually impossible in the deep jungle and the Amazon River is so crooked and serpentine travel that would take a bird minutes takes a human days.

What's the solution? Bring medical care to the villages.

Imagine a large, floating hospital traveling down the Amazon, stopping at each village and providing medical care to everyone. This is the proposition that got us involved with Project Amazonas.

A project that took as many turns and loops as the Amazon itself recently launched and we are proud to share this project with you.

A bit about Project Amazonas

Project Amazonas is a joint USA and Peruvian non-profit organization that operates in the upper Amazon River region in the Republic of Peru. They implement health, education, rainforest conservation, and community development programs in remote indigeneous and mestizo communities of the Amazon Basin.

We were introduced to Project Amazonas by Jonathan Shanin of AidJoy (site coming soon). AidJoy is a non-profit charged with helping other non-profits with internet marketing.

A bit about the project

OrangeCoat did all the design and code work on this project. The design is inspired by the Amazon and the amazing pictures provided to us by AidJoy. Click around from page to page to see all the pictures and a couple other little design surprises.

The site is powered by the Drupal Content Management Systems with a good amount of custom programming thrown in to acheive the needs of the project.

Some key highlights

The Giving Section

The giving section allows patrons to donate full or partial shares to particular needs of Project Amazonas. This includes donating $1,000 to float the hospital boat for a day (or $100 for part of the day) or donating $100 for a tooth brush and proper dental hygiene training to 100 kids.

This section is considerably more complex and detailed than the (hopefully) easy to use interface reveals.

The E-Card Section

We created the E-Card section as a way to highlight the cause by using some of the wonderful photography. Patrons can send people customized E-Cards through this system.

Those are two of the more sexy sections to the site. There is much more content, photography, and AdWords (not our choice). Please visit and click around. Let us know what you think and, if you are so inclined, donate.

PS: Jimmy C took the lead on this project and did much of the heavy lifting. He's going to write a brief follow up post outlining some of the Drupal dorkniess involved later this week.

PPS: Our friends at Immedion are providing the hosting for this project. Big thanks to them.


Jim Ciallella ~ 8 years ago

Here's my follow-up post on the technical side of the Project Amazonas site, including the use of Drupal and Ubercart, plus VMWare and Fedora Core.

Portugali Azorit ~ 8 years ago

That is a very good looking web site and a nicely made project. The front page picture is little too big for my laptops 1024x768 screen tough. The pictures are perfect so it doesn't really matter that much. Could take some design ideas from that web site for my own projects cause it's very clean and good looking design.

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