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Posted 6 years ago by Adam Gautsch

Screen shot of SJMP site

We recently launched the new Saint James Music Press website.

A bit of the Background

For longer than you've been alive when a choir wanted to sing a new song that required sheet music they had to buy a sheet for each person in the choir. So, if the sheet cost $2 dollars and you had a 100 person choir then a new song would cost $200.

But then, the copy machine was invited and churches felt it was okay to buy one sheet and copy the rest. This was illegal. So illegal in fact that a big church in Atlanta got charged with copyright infringement and a seven figure fine was levied. This caused churches to see the light and come back around to the straight and narrow.

Then, our friend and client Mark decided this was a silly business model and he started to sell CD-ROM's filled with thousands of songs. The church could legally print copies of these songs and would no longer have to worry about buying individual sheets of music.

There was much rejoicing.

But then, the internet was invented. And after waiting a couple of years to make sure this whole internet thing wasn't a fad Mark felt comfortable moving his CD-ROM business to its proper home on the web. And so we have, a collection of really good, really snooty, really cheap church music.


Chase ~ 6 years ago

I love it, folks.

Carp ~ 6 years ago

Very nice work guys, love the artwork and branding.

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