Site Launch: Wyche

Posted 10 years ago by Adam Gautsch

While I was out at InnoVenture we launched a new website for the Wyche Law Firm. Yay.


Nobrainer ~ 10 years ago

My immediate thought: "Wordpress"

dave ~ 10 years ago

Same here. I forsee quite a few comments coming up after this one.

Bear ~ 10 years ago

No WordPress code was used or harmed during the creation of this site.

Nobrainer ~ 10 years ago

It's just the 'W' logo.

Wyche logo
Wordpress logo

Bear ~ 10 years ago

Good call.

dave ~ 10 years ago

Thank God you guys used an uppercase W.

Bear ~ 10 years ago

Dave, logo case wasn't our call. That logo has been around much longer than us or WordPress for that matter.

Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

Perhaps Wyche can plead a case against Wordpress for having a logo that is too similar. I think there are some people who know how to wrench a legal arm or two to get that done.

Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

All this Wordpress / Wyche talk aside, I love how this site turned out because it's really a back-to-basics project. We didn't try to do anything too glamorous. Just stuck to the fundamentals and stayed organized. Simple horizontal navigation. Small footer navigation with a simple site map. Much more text than photography. Classic typefaces. Standard yearbook photos. A little liquidity in the layout. About the only place we did anything you might consider nifty is on the Undergraduate and Law School Listing

The law profession is not known for gambling too much, so I think this website fits the client perfectly and is easily above par for their industry.

Courtney ~ 10 years ago

I love the site, especially the undergrad/law school listing - this is the perfect site for a law firm - wish mine had something like it. Good work, guys.

They are definitely in need of a Georgia/Montana graduate, however!

Nobrainer ~ 10 years ago

Yes, aside from the W thing, I do very much like the layout and usability of the site.

The only thing that bothers me a tad is on the Undergraduate and Law School Listings page. After I expanded the listings for a school, I wanted to be able to collapse them without expanding the list for another school.

All in all, very good work.

And holy cow! Rita Bolt works there. I remember when she was my orientation ambassador.

dave ~ 10 years ago

"That logo has been around much longer than us or WordPress for that matter."

Ball's in your court then, :D Nice work as usual OC.

olivier blanchard ~ 10 years ago

Nice. You guys are pumping out kickass websites left and right.

I'm glad you and your clients aren't seduced by heavy flash apps and useless noise.

Evan Tishuk ~ 10 years ago

Olivier: That's something I didn't mention about this project. It's really rewarding to work with an intelligent client like Wyche. Despite there being several links in the decision chain, they are unbelievably professional, rational, and easy to communicate with. Heck, they sent revisions by courier. Now I want to courier everything.

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