Slate on FireFox 3.5

Posted 8 years ago by Adam Gautsch reviews FireFox 3.5. There is much love for FF in the review.

That being said, the thing that is most exciting to me is the HTML 5 talk that is littered throughout the review. I enjoy reading more and more about HTML 5 in popular publications. Soon my friends, Soon.


Jim Ciallella ~ 8 years ago

At one point the default landing page, may have been on 3.1, used custom fonts and their promo video uses the new HTML5 <video> tag.

Private browsing too. The politically correct example they provided is for purchasing a gift for someone else with whom you share the browser. Right.

I started using 3.5 as my main browser last week and so far so good. The YSlow plug-in isn't ready yet, but my other favorites like Firebug, Google Speed, TabMix Plus (dev copy) are working fine.

I'd have to do a side-by-side to tell if Google Mail is faster. OrangeCoat's site renders lightning fast.

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